415 West Walnut Street
Felicity, Ohio 45120

Phone Numbers

Emergency Call 911
Police (513) 876-2621
Water Department (513) 876-2013
Fiscal Officer (513) 876-3400
Fax (513) 876-6023
Clean up days will be May 13th and 14th all residents need to take time to clean up their properties. The village ordinance regarding this will be enforced and citations issued for non-compliance. A copy of the ordinance is available if you are not familiar with what is legal.

Parade Permit
The Village of Felicity has updated their procedure for parades. A permit will now be required. There are no fees for the application or permit. Anyone wishing to have a parade will need to come to the village office and fill out an application at least thirty (30) days prior to the event. If approved, the permit will be issued. There is also a list of rules that all permit applicant will need to follow.

Police Department Hiring
The Felicity Police Department is currently accepting applications for the position of Patrolman. The position is classified as part time, with up to 40 hours a week available. The position starts at $20.00 per hour. Due to part time status there are no benefits offered. Interested applicants must be OPOTA Certified, must be 21 years of age, must have a high school diploma, must have a valid Ohio's Driver's License and pass a background check. The days and times of work will vary. There are also openings for positions with up to 32 or more hours per month at $18.00 per hour. These are also classified as part time with no benefits offered. The same qualifications apply. Please download and print application. Interested applicants can obtain an employment application at the Felicity Village Office, or contact Chief Schadle at 937-515-2760.

Yard Sale
Due to the pandemic the council has decided to waive all yard sale permits for the 1st weekend of every month beginning in April until further notice. A yard sale permit will be required for any other days in the month.