415 West Walnut Street
Felicity, Ohio 45120

Phone Numbers

Emergency Call 911
Police (513) 876-2621
Water Department (513) 876-2013
Fiscal Officer (513) 876-3400
Fax (513) 876-6023
Parade Permit
The Village of Felicity has updated their procedure for parades. A permit will now be required. There are no fees for the application or permit. Anyone wishing to have a parade will need to come to the village office and fill out an application at least thirty (30) days prior to the event. If approved, the permit will be issued. There is also a list of rules that all permit applicant will need to follow.

East Palestine, Ohio River Chemical Spill
The Village of Felicity is following all recommendations from the Ohio EPA regarding the East Palestine, Ohio chemical spill. We are working with the OEPA and neighboring water companies along the Ohio River to monitor and track the situation. If there are any water emergencies be assured that we will do everything needed to notify our customers.